Wine Label

A selection of some of many wine label proposals and concepts created from 2017 to 2019 with various themes. Although the following labels are proposals, therefore speculative work up to this date, some brands may still be produced in the future.


Esfera de Fuego (Proposal)
Country: Chile
Producer: Darwin Vineyards

Esfera de Fuego was thought to be a premium brand. This picture is a mock-up only.


Sáwol (Proposal)
Country: Argentina
Producer: Finca Echo Argentina

Inspired by the soul (sáwol in old English), this label should have photography. I chose a strong typeface to contrast with the black and white photos and to be printed in neon Pantone colors.

Mock-up only


Mito del Desierto (Proposal)
Country: Chile
Producer: Darwin Vineyards

Mito del Desierto is the name of a Chilean legend which turned out in a minimal, abstract label, only to set its mood.

Mock-up only