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Theme Description

Inspired by squared shapes and colourful, minimalist flat illustrations, Quadrat bundles a set of images you can use on your site with the theme’s default color palette. Quadrat’s default styles are bold and playful, relying on a simple sans-serif font and a strong color scheme that you can customize.

Quadrat Block Patterns

Blogging made colorful.

Quadrat stands out not only for its flat illustrations, but also for its color palette. There are more color combinations available in the Customizer, and you can also create your own.

Theme Color Alternatives in the Customizer

The Design Process

In the Theme Design Squad (myself, Kjell Reigstad and Mel Choyce-Dwan) the process of designing a theme usually starts with a round of design iterations to which we call Style Tiles. This consists of a variety of one page designs that set the mood of potential themes. We share these with each other and/or in team meetings and ask for feedback, agreeing on a best direction to take.

Quadrat wasn't any different. The colorful combination and illustrations have sparked interest and the theme felt suitable, yet different, to be included in the WordPress theme showcase.

Color Alternatives
Theme Styles

After a few design iterations, we've prepared a Figma file containing all the necessary elements needed for development, which carried on on GitHub, led by Automattic's Theme development team.

The theme is what can be called a Universal Theme: a bridge between classic themes (themes built with specific code) and block themes (themes that are built solely with blocks).

Quadrat Screenshots

Download Quadrat

The theme is available for download to be used on WordPress.com or on your WordPress self-hosted installation.

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